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IconPRS Frequently Asked Questions
IconWhat is this document?
IconHow can I control the types of files that are indexed?
IconCan I customise the published HTML Web page layouts?
IconCan I disable Outlook secruity messages when I send mail?
IconCan I format HTML Email messages?
IconCan I format EMails messages and published Vacancy Web pages?
IconCan I include raw HTML markup in published vacancies?
IconCan I use Open Office with the PRS document linking feature?
IconCan I run more than one PRS client on my PC?
IconCan the PRS accomodate personnel with multiple Email addresses?
IconCan the PRS run under Microsoft Terminal Services?
IconDo I require Microsoft SQL Server to run the PRS?
IconHelp, I'm getting weird billings figures in the Commission and Billings reports
IconHow can I access the PRS data when I'm out of the office?
IconHow can I add a photo to a Personnel record?
IconHow can I customise PRS reports?
IconHow can I search for each occurrence of text values within a field?
IconHow can I disable the email signature?
IconHow can I merge locations
IconHow can I set the next invoice number?
IconHow do change the location of the PRS database?
IconHow do I adjust roster entries for holiday pay rates?
IconI can't find moved mail messages!
IconHow define our own searchable personnel, site and vacancy attributes?
IconI Don't need all these foreign locations!
IconI get a 'Linked file not found' message when I try to open a linked document but I know it hasn't been deleted?
IconI get a Skipped exit status 3 message when scanning and indexing PDF documents, why?
IconI get an error when I try to send an email from the PRS, why?
IconI'm mail merging address labels and want print the street address if the postal address is blank, can this be done?
IconI've just upgraded to a new PC and now I get a 'license count exceeded' message, why?
IconInstalling the Windows 2000 Jet Service Pack option results in a message that the existing version 'is newer', should I be worried?
IconIs it possible to categorise published vacancy Web indexes other than permanent/contract?
IconIs Outlook Web Access compatible with the PRS?
IconIs there any way of making non mandatory fields mandatory?
IconIs there a utility to merge and synchronise PRS databases?
IconIs there any way to disable the Tag Lock warnings?
IconOur tax is not called GST, how do can I change it?
IconReentering Commission Splits every time I enter a timesheet is a pain, is there a shortcut?
IconSome contract vacancies are missing from the New Timesheet Tool and Existing Timesheet Tool!
IconThe Document Search Tool is not finding all the documents, why?
IconThe Form has no Print button, how can I print it?
IconThe phone numbers on the Personnel form are wrong, how can I delete them?
IconThe PRS occasionally changes words and abbreviations that I enter, what's going on?
IconThe PRSMon Database Administration program times out even though all users have been logged off, why?
IconWe use a Candidate Activities that are not the list, what can we do?
IconWhat exactly does the 'Refresh Form Lists' command do?
IconWhat do messages like 'Could not save; currently locked by user XXX on machine YYY mean?
IconWhat's the best way to add a new user who is to take over the role of previous user?
IconWhat's the best way to manage a recruitment 'campaign' with the PRS?
IconWhat's the best way to send invoices and reports electronically?
IconWhen I change global options on one PC they are not visible on the others, why?
IconWhen I open a document from the PRS nothing seems to happen!
IconWhen I print a 'Placements Analysis' report for a specific consultant statistics for other consultants appear, why?
IconWhen I send an Email from the PRS the sender address is wrong?
IconWhy are date fields to wide for the display areas?
IconWhy are some consultant names in parenthesis
IconWhy are some of the Site manager entries blank?
IconWhy is the Owner name missing on some old Vacancies?
IconWhy is the PRS not compatible with 64 bit versions of Office
IconWhy is there a discrepancy between billings on the Placements Analysis and Consultant Billings reports?
IconWhy are the Replace Options are Missing from the Find command dialog box?
IconWhy can't the PRS start the spell checker?
IconWhy is my Offline data out of date?
IconWhy did I get a Microsoft Office setup prompt when I first started the PRS?
IconWhy do printed reports overflow the right hand margin?
IconWhy does the Document Indexer skip some Microsoft Word documents?
IconWhy does the Find menu command not work?
IconWhy does the Skills Scanner generate an error with some Microsoft Word documents?
IconWhy does Microsoft Outlook appear to be frozen while I'm composing an Email from the PRS?
IconWhy does the 'Filled by' item in Status drop-down list on the Vacancy form not show our company name?
IconWhy don't all the keyboard shortcuts work?
IconWhy is my PRS slow?