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Anti-virus Software

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IMPORTANT: Make sure your PC anti-virus software does not scan PRS related files whenever they are accessed. This anti-virus feature (sometimes called on access scanning) will not only result in severe database and document indexer performance losses but can also result in database corruption and document indexer errors. The following folders should be excluded from on access scanning:


The PRS shared data folder (containing the shared PRS database).
The PRS shared documents folder (containing the document indexes).
The PRS Client application folder (normally C:\Program Files\prs2k).


Disabling on demand scanning does not constitute a security risk, if it turns up an infected file your PC is already infected. A much better approach is to scan incoming data connections (email, Internet and removable disks) to prevent viruses entering you PC along with scheduled disk scans (scheduled disk scans normally keep out of the way while you're using your PC and won't cripple your PC performance).