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The PRS is a sophisticated, easy to use, fully multi-user database application designed to assist all phases of the recruitment process. The PRS has been designed by recruiters for recruiters and has been used in the recruitment industry since 1995.


The PRS performs the following functions:


1.An interactive recruitment information system to assist the recruiter with each stage of the placement process.
2.A performance management system which provides up-to-date and accurate summaries and reports that cover all aspects of both recruitment and financial performance.
3.A billing management system for invoicing and tracking both permanent placements, ongoing contracts and expenses.
4.A Vacancy publication Tool (the PRS generates HTML vacancy pages and indices for Web Site publication as well as CVS and Excel formatted vacancy files for export to Web Site databases).
5.A Document Manager tool that provides structured storage and access for recruitment related documents (resumes, memos, form letters and documents). Bulk mail drops, both printed and E-mail, are supported directly from the database using Microsoft Word mail merge. An integrated Document Search tool allows document files to be searched for words, groups of words or phrases.
6.Integrated email tools for the management, capture, storage and composition of both outgoing and incoming mail.


The PRS is designed first and foremost to increase consultant productivity and efficiency, it is easy to learn and use and quickly becomes the single most important tool in the consultant's arsenal.


The PRS currently runs on Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 client PCs. Data is shared over a Windows compatible network.


Feature Highlights:


Built-in reminders messaging system.
Resume submission, client interview and job offer management, tracking and reporting.
Skills based personnel, site and vacancy searches.
Automated skills matching to personnel, sites and vacancies.
Extensive personnel and vacancy search criteria.
Personnel/sites/vacancy notes management.
Related documents (such as CVs, job descriptions and company profiles) can be linked to personnel, sites and vacancies and can be opened directly from the PRS.
Integrated mail tools automate mail message composition, resume dispatch and incoming document and personnel capture.
An integrated Document Search Tool that allows you to search the contents of all Microsoft Word and text documents for words, groups of words or phrases.
Printed reports can be exported to Excel, text or RTF files.
Mail-merge selected personnel data directly to Microsoft Word using built-in Document Manager.
Offline data access for off-site laptop operation.
Export and HotSync vacancies, personnel and reminders to Palm PC.
User customisable invoices and tax names.
An Expenses tool for viewing, selecting and printing categorised expenses.
Database audit reports.
Extensive use of hyper-linked Goto buttons .
Tooltips on buttons and controls.


See the PRS homepage at for the latest PRS information.