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PRS Updates

Version 8.2.2 is the current production version of the PRS Client and is a recommended update for all PRS users. View the PRS Changelog for a detailed list of additions changes.

You can check if your PRS is up to date by selecting Check for PRS Updates… from the PRS Help menu.

Installing/Upgrading the Latest PRS Client


  1. Download the PRS Client Setup Wizard.

  2. Run the downloaded prs2k_client_setup_822 Setup Wizard and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Unless you know exactly what you’re doing accept the setup wizard defaults, this will ensure the upgraded client retains the same settings as the previous version.

  • Client installation needs to be done from an administrative account  — the installer will warn you if you are not currently logged on to an administrative account.

  • There is no need to uninstall the previous PRS version before installing the new version.

Reinstalling the PRS Runtime

The PRS Runtime does not need to be reinstalled when you upgrade the PRS Client.

If you do need to reinstall the PRS Runtime you can find instructions here.

Upgrading to the latest PRS Shared Data

Occasionally new features become available that require a PRS Shared Data upgrade but it’s not something that you will normally need to do. Shared Data upgrade instruction can be found here.

More information

  • The latest PRS versions are:

    PRS Client:


    PRS Shared Data:


    PRS Monitor:

  • Read the changelog for the most up to date information about the current release of the PRS.

  • See the PRS version 8 web page for more information about the latest PRS version.

  • If you’re installing the PRS for the first time the follow the PRS Best Practice Deployment guide.

  • The updates on this page are only useful for licensed users. If you are not a licensed PRS user EMail support@prshq.com or call methods: Recruitment Systems and we’ll send you a copy of the PRS Demonstration CD-ROM.

  • Contact technical support if you have any questions regarding the PRS updates.

Installing the PRS Demonstration Software

You can find instructions here.