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PRS Pricing Schedule

See PRS Licenses webpage for license details and options.

Optional add-on functionality, such as SMS Messaging are separately purchased license options and are detailed at the end of this document.

Subscription Licensing

Subscription licenses are leased for a limited period of time. The cost is based on the number of licenses and the subscription period. Subscriptions are purchased in six month units.

Part Number Quantity License Period Price



6 months




12 months


Please read the Terms and Conditions at the end of this document.

For example, to purchase 7 licenses for a period of 1 year you would require seven PRSSUB3-02 license packs.

  • There is no obligation to renew your subscription once it has expired and you are free to decrease the number of licenses when you renew your subscription providing this is advised before the end of your current license period.

  • You can increase your license count during the current subscription period, in which case each additional license will be based the one license (PRSSUB3-01) price and the cost will be proportional to the amount of time remaining in the current subscription period. For example, with three months of the current six month subscription period remaining, the cost of adding two additional licenses for the duration of the current subscription period would be:

    2 x $225.00 = $450.00

Perpetual Licensing

A Perpetual license places no restriction on the period of usage. New or additional Perpetual client licenses are priced as follows (contact methods: Recruitment Systems for pricing of larger volumes):

Part Number Quantity Price










Please read the Terms and Conditions at the end of this document.


We do not charge for minor PRS version upgrades and to date we have not charged licensees for major PRS version upgrades. Internet download access to PRS updates is via the PRS Help menu.

Miscellaneous Items

Part Number Description Price


Invoice template set-up.


Please read the Terms and Conditions at the end of this document.

SMS Messaging

PRS SMS messaging is a separate licensing option priced according to whether you have subscription or perpetual licenses.

Subscription licenses

The PRS SMS option costs $5 per subscription license per month. For example, if your site has five subscription licenses then an additional $25 per month will be added to you bill.

Perpetual licenses

Upgrading a perpetual PRS license to SMS will incur a one-off charge of $50 per license. For example, if you have ten full PRS licenses you will be charged $500.

SMS Messaging is a site option and the purchase applies to all licenses (all workstations must be licensed).

Please read the Terms and Conditions at the end of this document.

Installation and Configuration

The PRS software is designed to be installed by a user with moderate Microsoft Windows technical ability. PRS hardware and software prerequisites plus installation procedures are fully documented in the PRS Administration Guide (for more information got to our Support Web page').

Billing and Payments

Existing subscription license holders will be invoiced for their next license period prior to the end of the current license period, new licenses are dispatched once payment has been received.

New subscription license holders will receive an interim license, the full license will be dispatched once payment has been received for the subscription license period.

Perpetual licenses are dispatched once payment has been received.

We accept cheques, direct bank account payments and Paypal.

If paying by bank account direct credit please pay to our account: ANZ Bank, Bank/Branch/Account Number: 06-582-0207641-00.

You can also pay via Paypal: go to https://www.paypal.com/nz/sendmoney and follow the instructions. Our Paypal Email address is payments@methods.co.nz

Ongoing Support

See the PRS support page webpage.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Licenses are dispatched on receipt of payment.

  2. The currency denomination of the prices is as follows: New Zealand dollars for New Zealand residents; Australian dollars for Australian residents; US dollars for international residents.

  3. New Zealand residents add 15% GST (Goods and Services Tax).

  4. Prices listed are current and may be subject to future adjustments.