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Upgrading PRS Shared Data

Occasionally new features become available that require a PRS Shared Data upgrade, but it’s not something that you will normally need to do.

Version 8.0.6 is the latest version of the PRS shared data (you can check which shared data version you are on with the Help→About PRS menu command). The PRS Changelog will tell you which features require a shared data upgrade.

Upgrading from Version 7 of the shared data
  • Please read the PRS 8 upgrade FAQ before proceeding.

  • All PRS Clients need to be upgraded to version 8 prior to upgrading the shared database to version 8.


  1. Download the Shared Database Install wizard.

  2. Run the PRS 8.0.6 Shared Database Install Wizard by double-clicking the previously downloaded prs2k_data_setup_806.exe Shared Data Install Wizard.

  3. Ask all users to close all open copies of the PRS Desktop Client.

  4. Open the PRS Monitor program — you will find it in the Programs section of the Windows Start Menu under PRS 2000 (it’s called PRS Monitor and has a binoculars icon).

  5. The command choosen here depends on which shared data version you are currently running:

    Coming from shared data version 8

    Execute the PRS Monitor Tools→Rebuild Database command.

    Coming from shared data version 7

    Execute the PRS Monitor Tools→Upgrade Database command.

  6. Eenter 8.0.6 when prompted for an upgrade version number.

  7. The upgrade will now proceed silently and may take a while, please wait for the Upgrade/Rebuild has successfully completed prompt before doing anything else.

  • It’s easier if you work from a machine that already has the PRS installed, this way the Shared Database Install Wizard will be able to figure out where the current shared PRS database resides.

  • The PRS Shared Database Install procedure should only be run once  — you don’t need to run it from every PC that uses the PRS.