End-to-end recruitment management and information system

Internet Enabled

The PRS is a rich multi-user application with Internet functionality:

Web based vacancy publication

The PRS includes a template driven publication system for generating customisable HTML vacancy indexes and vacancy pages for direct upload to recruitment websites.

Email based candidate and client registration and management

The PRS has a built-in email management and database system that works hand-in-hand with your existing Outlook mail client. Candidate registration via email is automated. Mail messages and attachments can come either directly from the candidate or via a recruitment website. The PRS mail message template system automates the activity based outgoing mail notifications.

SMS messaging (texting)

Send SMS text messages globally over the Internet to candidate and client mobile phones directly from the PRS. Fully integrated with the PRS Email system.

Phone calls over the Internet

If you have Skype installed you can call other Skype users, landlines and mobiles directly from the PRS.

The PRS also works hand-in-hand with the Microsoft Office suite. The PRS user interface has the same look, feel and responsiveness of other Windows applications. This is possible because the PRS has been crafted from the ground up to run on the Microsoft Windows platform.