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PRS6 to PRS7 Migration

It is recommended that this migration be carried out by someone familiar with software installation and PC administration. If you have any questions about the upgrade or require support prior to or during the upgrade please give us a call.

The migration from PRS6 to PRS7 requires a shared database upgrade as well as installing the new PRS7 client on all PCs.

  • Please read the rest of this document before upgrading.

  • This migration requires all client PCs to be upgraded — you can’t have a mix of PRS6 and PRS7 clients.

  • The upgrade requires all other users to be logged out of the PRS so it’s a good idea to do the upgrade outside normal business hours.

  • Notes that have been entered directly into the Notes field i.e. without valid user/date stamps will be migrated using the default date and user (see Notes Migration below).

Here’s the procedure:

  1. Download the PR7 Shared Database and Client Install wizards from prs2k_data_setup_705.exe and prs2k_client_setup_712.exe respectively.

  2. Make sure the PRS is closed on all PCs.

  3. Run the PRS 705 Shared Database Install Wizard by double-clicking the previously downloaded prs2k_data_setup_705.exe Shared Data Install Wizard.

    • Work from a machine that already has the PRS installed, this way the Shared Database Install Wizard will be able to figure out where the current shared PRS database resides.

    • The PRS Shared Database Install Wizard should only be run once  — you don’t need to run it from every PC that uses the PRS.

  4. Open the PRS Monitor program from the Windows Start Menu: Start→Programs→PRS 2000→PRS Monitor.

  5. Run the PRS Monitor Tools→Upgrade Database… menu command:

    • Enter 705 when prompted for the upgrade version number.

    • You will next be prompted to compact and backup the database, you probably want to answer Yes and wait for it to complete.

    • You will next be prompted to perform the upgrade, answer OK.

      This will take a few minutes, it notifies you when it’s finished.
  6. Install the PRS Client by double-clicking the previously downloaded prs2k_client_setup_712.exe Client Setup Wizard.

    Client installation needs to be done from an administrative account — the installer will warn you if you are not logged on to and administrative account.
  7. Once your machine has rebooted following the PRS Client install open the newly installed client and follow the on-screen instructions to perform the Notes migration.

    The time taken to perform the migration depends on the number of notes you have and the performance of you Local Area Network. Most installations have less than one hundred thousand notes and and should take less than an hour.
  8. A message will pop up once the migration has completed, you should now upgrade the remaining PCs with the PRS Client Install Wizard (repeat step 6 on each PC).

Notes Migration

The Note Migration code analyses the user/date timestamps in the existing notes field and writes each note as a new notes record.

If the format of the user/date timestamps have been manually changed the timestamp won’t be recognised and the note will either be included in the previous note record or, if it is the only note in the notes field, placed in a notes record dated 1/1/1970 with the creator set to the currently logged on user.

If the user initials in the migrated note does not belong to one of the current consultants then the note creator is set to the currently logged on user.

If you want to view the contents of the old PRS6 notes field hold down Ctrl+Shift+Alt and click anywhere in the notes list on the Personnel, Sites, Vacancies or Invoices forms.

Once the migration has been successfully completed the prs7migration entry in the [Main] section of the prs_data.ini file is set to True, do not delete or change this entry unless you wish to perform the migration again.

Reverting the Migration

It is possible to roll back the migration to the PRS version 6 data just prior to the PRS7 migration, here’s how:

  1. Log all users out of the PRS.

  2. Reinstall the PRS 6.0.9 client on PCs that currently have the PRS7 client installed.

  3. Rename or move the current prs_data.mdb database in the Shared Data folder (if you don’t know where the Shared Data folder is open the PRS Monitor (Windows Start menu→Programs→PRS2000→PRS Monitor) and read the bottom status line).

  4. Copy the prs_data_upgraded_to_705.mdb file to prs_data.mdb (the prs_data_upgraded_to_705.mdb file is a copy of your PRS6 shared database created by the PRSMon just prior to the original PRS7 database upgrade).