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Version 7.0.5 has a brand new document indexer

We’ve just released PRS client version 7.0.5. The big news is that we’ve completely rewritten the PRS Document Search Tool’s full-text search engine (DocIndexer) — incremental indexing is now supported and the query language has been greatly expanded. Updating your document indexes is between 25 and 100 times faster, searching is twice as fast. Here’s a summary of the expanded query syntax. We’ve also added a File name option to the Document Search Tool Match drop-down — you can now search for words in a file name.

The new document index files are incompatible with previous versions — all users of the PRS Document Search Tool must be upgraded to the 7.0.5 client.

See the changelog for a full list of the changes since the last release ( in case you missed it, since 7.0.4 last month we released the 7.0.4a interim release).

To download and upgrade to PRS 7.0.5 go to the Installing the Latest PRS Client section on our Updates webpage page and follow the instructions.

If you’re still on version 6 take a look at our PRS6 to PRS7 Migration guide before upgrading.

Tips and Tricks

Report titles

When printing a report don’t forget you can personalise the title by entering your own title in the Custom report title text box of the report dialog.

Top notes

If you have important information you want displayed prominently at the top of the Personnel, Sites, Vacancies or Invoice notes list then tick the Top note checkbox when you create the note.

CC’ing a personnel note to a site

If you’re making a personnel note which is also relevant to the person’s site then ticking the Copy note to site checkbox will make a copy of the note to the person’s site record. NOTE: This option will only be visible if the person has been assigned a related site.

Checking available SMS credits

You can check your texting credits by dropping down the PRS Tools menu, going to Setup→SMS Messaging and then clicking the Query Clickatell SMS account balance link.

Remove obsolete PRS6 notes

If you’ve previously upgraded from PRS6 to PRS7 you should delete the old PRS version 6 notes — they take up considerable space and are no longer used. Because the deletion is resource intensive do it when no other users are logged in and follow it with a database compaction. Here’s how:

  • Ask all other users to close the PRS.

  • Drop down the PRS Tools menu and select Notes.

  • Press the Notes Tool Options… button.

  • Press the Delete Obsolete PRS6 Notes… button in the Notes Tool Options dialog (if you can’t see the button then there were no PRS6 notes or they have already been deleted).

  • Click the Yes button.

  • Once the operation is complete close the PRS and compact the database.

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