Latest News

  • The Maintaining Database Reliability and Performance PRS Web page has been revamped and now includes a user Troubleshooting Guide.

  • The launch of version 7.0.3 last month went very smoothly, the majority of PRS sites have now made the transition from version 6 to version 7 (if you’re still on version 6 take a look at our PRS6 to PRS7 Migration guide before upgrading).

Tips and Tricks

Reassigning client/candidate ownership to another person

Version 7.0.3 of the PRS added a Reassign command button to the Consultant Client/Candidates Tool. This command allows you to reassign all client/candidate ownership entries from one consultant to another with a single command. The Reassign command is very handy when a consultant leaves and you need to assign all their clients and candidates to another person — here’s how:

  1. Select the Client/Candidate Ownership item from the PRS Tools menu.

  2. Select the name of the consultant who is the current owner from the Clients/candidates of drop-down list.

  3. Press the Reassign button and select the name of the new owner when prompted.

Adding a photo to a Personnel record

You are not confined to linking text based documents in the PRS — you can link any type of document including photos. Here’s how to link a photo to a Personnel record:

  1. First you need to transfer the photo file to your PC (normally you scan the photo or download it from a digital camera).

  2. Go to the Personnel record you want to link the photo to.

  3. Press F4 to unlock the record and then press the Goto button next to the empty starred entry at the end of the Personnel record linked Documents list.

  4. Select Link existing document then link your photo file and you’re done.

To view or email the photo, go to the Personnel record and press the Goto button next to the linked photo document in the Documents list, the photo will open in whatever application your PC associates with the photo file.

It’s easy to email one or more linked documents

If you want to email out one or more linked documents there’s no need to open your email client and then rummage about in document folders for attachments — all you need to do is:

  1. Click on the Goto button next to the linked document in the Documents list.

  2. Select the Email document option (or the Email multiple documents option if you want to email more than one document) and then press the OK button.

Don’t forget to spell check your email and SMS messages

Once you’re done composing an email or an SMS message press the F7 key before you send you email.

F4 is your friend

To edit PRS data you need to unlock the record — if you find yourself getting tired of constantly clicking the lock icon try using the F4 key, most users find this more convenient than using the mouse.

Loading and Saving Tagsets in PRS7

If you’ve been doing regular mail-drops from the PRS you’ll know all about Personnel Tagsets (a Tagset is a named list of people that you save for use at some later date).

PRS version 7 has introduced a flexible set of options for manipulating existing Tagsets using the Load/Save Tagset dialog — read on if you’re not yet familiar with these new options.


To open this dialog just click on the Goto button next to the tagset name in the Personnel Tags dialog. There are six options — three for loading the tagset into Personnel record tags and three for saving currently tagged Personnel to the tagset.

Load Personnel tags from tagset

Replace existing Personnel tags

This will load the selected tagset after first clearing existing Personnel record tags.

Add to existing Personnel tags

Behaves just like the previous option but does not clear existing Personnel record tags.

Subtract from existing Personnel tags

Use this option if you want to ensure the existing tagged Personnel records do not contain any of the Personnel in the selected tagset.

The Load Personnel tags from tagset options do not change saved tagsets, use the Save Personnel tags to tagset options to update saved tagsets.

Save Personnel tags to tagset

Replace existing tagset

The tagset is emptied and the Personnel that are currently tagged are saved to the selected tagset.

Add personnel tags to tagset

The currently tagged Personnel are added to the selected tagset.

Subtract personnel tags from tagset

Use this option to remove currently tagged Personnel from the selected tagset.