Welcome to the first PRS News & Tips Newsletter.

Latest News

PRS version 7.0.2 was released earlier this month.

  • We have added a full text search option for Notes.

  • The administrator can now set a Note type is mandatory option to make the user enter a note type when creating a new note.

There are also a number of bug fixes. See the changelog for a full list of the changes since the last release.

Tips and Tricks

Find skills fast

Press Crtl+S to quickly search for skills in Personnel, Vacancies and Sites.

View all emails to, from or regarding a person

  • Go to the person’s personnel record.

  • Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the Goto button next to the person’s Email address.

View all the placements made at a client site

  • Open the Sites form and find the client site.

  • Press the Placements item in the form’s left-hand margin.

Quickly enter today’s date

To enter today’s date into a date field place the cursor in the date field and press Ctrl+; (hold down the Ctrl key and press the semicolon key).

View reminders anytime

Select Reminders from the PRS View menu.

Getting Help

Need help with a PRS feature?

  • Press the F1 key to open the PRS online help — the online documentation is fully searchable just click on the Search tab and type in the word you’re looking for.

  • Many buttons and controls on the PRS forms have popup tool tips — just hover over a control and wait for an explanation to pop up.

  • Check out the Frequently Asked Questions in the online help, a compendium of the most asked PRS support questions.

  • Check out the printed PRS Tasks Guide if you need to know how to enter data and so on.

  • Each PRS licensee has been supplied with a PRS Training CD which contains short training Videos.

  • You can email PRS support directly from the PRS — just select Email PRS Support from the PRS Help menu.

  • Don’t forget that there’s lots more information about the PRS at the PRS website.