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PRS Licensing

The PRS license is a site license whereby a specified maximum number of distinct instances of the PRS Client application are licensed to use a single shared PRS site database on any given day of the license period. The maximum number of PRS Client instances is specified by the site license count. For example, if six different workstations each running the PRS Client access the shared PRS site database during the course of a day then you will need a six-user PRS site license.

You purchase the number of licenses you require for your site (your license count can be incremented at any time by purchasing additional licenses).

PRS licenses are non-transferable. This means that licenses are assigned to the original purchaser and cannot be resold or transferred to another party.

There are two licensing schemes for the PRS: Subscription and Perpetual.

Optional add-on functionality, for example SMS Messaging, are separately purchased license options and are detailed in the PRS Price List.

Subscription Licensing

Subscription licenses are leased for a limited period of time. The cost is based on the number of licenses and the subscription period. Subscriptions are purchased in six month units. See the current PRS Price List for pricing and payment schedules.

How Subscription Licensing Works

When your subscription payment has been received you will be sent an updated license activation file which extends the PRS license period.

If you elect not to renew your subscription then any PRS Client applications you have installed will cease to run once your subscription period expires. This does not mean that you are denied access to your data — the shared database belongs to you and can be accessed using any application capable of reading Microsoft Access 2000 databases.

All subscribed licenses within a site share the same subscription period.

Perpetual Licensing

A Perpetual license places no restriction on the period of usage.